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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i want to be accepted the way i am..!!

give and accept two different things.. (",)...(,")

I accept people as ey are, I never try to change them. Constantly I notice that people are questioning the person I am and then that places doubts in my head, but they are stopped very quickly by myself because I have worked to hard to see the good in me to let people do this to me. Its just random stuff, that people dont like so they need to inforce this on me, I just want to be treated like I treat others and be accepted the way I am not judgement or made to feel like a freak because I think or do things differently, I realise that this is probably not going to happen and try to accept it but when I didnt feel good about myself things like that would tear me down and I would drown in the fact that I was so different.

am learning about myself,about others,in general... not just knowledge but something different..not like opening a school book and see pages and close it , different learning and it makes me super happy. am learning to accept n love myself , learn to see situations from different sides too.i want to say i love u and u and u because i might not have time to tell u - i mean u never know what happens. i want to share my feelings with ppl. i want to know more about them. like think the question ''what would u do if u had only 5 hours'' do it now. thats what am trying to do. and in this time i would like to tell u and u and u that i love u. n maybe u know but i did like to tell u.Like u see a tree. Did u ever touched ,felt it,loved it?A tree is not like every tree ,is unique. And ppl are unique n all different. I know that and i know that about me too.i learnt that we are not ''ourselves'' because we do what others taught us or we saw from others.. we have to discover ourselves n am trying to do that. i ve learnt a lot ,im still learning .. am learning from books ,from ppl,from tv , i see love , i believe in things and Allah. i learnt that i want to meet ''ME'' because am important too and before i didn consider myself important... it seems like a journey and i want to find out more n more...

ok maybe that was bla bla but its just thought,, bila duduk seketika, kematangan mula berfikir..

a simple word for u sweet readers,,
If you want to be accepted by the others, you should accept other beliefs and viewpoints. To my mind, we only learn to it.

see yar..bubbye.! winks2^_^

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