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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bukan ku mahu@@

salam readers,,~
i dun noe,, now ekceli tader mood nk bloging but, dyana terpena seketika,, raser adew kilat msuk kat dada then menerangi kotak minda kuh ini,,, huiiih!

nice person,, kind person,, ..!!!
is it wrong with dat,,? oh yell no wey! nothing wrong wif dat ekceli,,,

but i dun noe.....................
am i a good person,,? do i kind enough..? i dun want to say dat i am good enough,,

i am da person dat feel guilty and easy feel sorry when others ask for a favour.. so,, no matter how, i will try ma best to help em,, yes,, sometimes its like am forcing maself,, but seriously i do make it sincerely,,, yess, sometimes, no, no, its not sometimes, but its many times olready, i feel dat dyana mengorbankan diri dyana untuk kepentingan org lain,,, "kita berkorban untuk diri org lain, sampai diri sendiri terkorban" still clear in my mind about that words,, teacher dyana perna ckp camgini tyme dyana form fve duluuu@@.. btol la.. for what kita korbankan diri kita for others kepentingan,, its not masuk akal,, but as human being,, i really consider about others feeling,, its so hard to say "no".

u,, seriously this is da way i am, da person da easy gve em a help. why..? is it wrong,,?

yes yes,, i noe what u meant,, dun over limit,, dun forcing maself,, but this is me,,,!
oke,, now,, i do feel exausted be a nice person (bkn baik sgt pomm...@@). i do feel tired being a person that hard to say "no"...i do feel annoying maself,,,! its freaking me when i am hurting maself...! yeaa,, so freaking...!@@

even my gurl perna ckap,, "jaga hati kita betol betol, never hurt our heart, dun make it cry for a smple thing,,!" huh,,! yea yea.. dat ryte babeyhh,,, so,, for what i feel guilty o feel sory when i hv to say "no" kn

and one more thing... da words by ma uncle,,, so so so make me realised something.. "makan budi, tergadai diri la jawabnya.." hmmm, so now, from this point, i hv to be more independent, never depent on others, it makes u feel more trouble later diyana..!@@ hohoho~ lol,, u cn do evrything as long as deep in ur heart say "akuh boley, akuh boley.." its ols about our mind set..! our mind control evrything,,! so diyana,,? how,,? cn u make da changes..? misti la kan,, diyana kan boley,, hiks:P.. u cn do evrything by ur own,,! dun trouble others. oke?

@@toink toing...

owke,, i will try k,, i will try make da changes,, but i dun noe yet how da result will be..
so guys,, i am really really sorry if before this, i hv done a bad deed, am feel great sory if before this i gv u trouble,, but seriously,, if our reality life hv da turning bc,, i really want it. i dun want to gv u any problems,,

will bring maself away...~ just face it no matter what,, will more consider about maself's feeling,, will learnt how to say "no",, ekekeke:)

tenkiu,, creadit to her,, huh!! terpena akuh seketika,, weiykss:P

oke oke,, will ryte more,, bubbye. see yar..! winks2^_^

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