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Monday, June 7, 2010

damn somber...!!

assalamualaikum~ miss my blog so muchh...!
hai sweet readers..
manyak soli yerp..
lately busy attending kenduri kendara,,
walawess, seyes! suka sgt sgt,, makan free lol =) anyway,, i cnt smile long even i am supper excited wif this kenduri kendara.. argghh, i had terrible day, n i am feel so emotional for this few day,, i dun noe why..? i hv no answer for it,, maybe many thing was jump into me at a tyme n make me so stress. u ols noe ryte, my birth sertificate was missing and until now i couldnt find it..! argh horrible woried abt that,,

guys lets
say " may allah give u da way diyana,,!! "
aww.. awesome guys! u did a great job,, thanks! ameen3(",)

hemm~ ( al-baqarah:216) make me realised something, what was happen is for a reason, may be ade hikmah d sebalik ape yg blaku ni,, n now am trying asking my fren how to get out from this matter! argh,, guys, if u cn, do help me jgk k,, and my mama was so worried abt this, i dun wanna make her think so much abt this! plis help me setle this problem,, (@-@) fenim already..!

( Q:
nk g pejabat mane bla birth sertificate ilang..? )

....(",) kisah seterusnya..

i dun noe why,, ops..! this is not al kisah tentang love story~
i always heard about this words " friend is a mirror of ourselves" ouh no way,,! if she/he
behave in a wrng way, means we jz like em lol..? i dun noe,,i get so so compius with this proverb.. ouch! i try to gv the best for my fmly, my relatives, my fren n ols people around me, i hope ey feel comfort, feel hapy n cn easily going with me, n i am truely hoping ey repay me da same! arghh..! feel so hurted, so frustrated .! am sori guys, being fren with me act quite complicated, lala act person yg ske memendam rase, if get hurt, keep it, wont tell u, but once its get too much,, i will explode! boom gebaboom! ouh ya..? afraid already..? haha. jk! watteva la, but act kn, dear my fren, i love to observe evrything abt u..! the way u talk, the way u behave, the way u keep going ur life, its all being watching by me, sorry, but this is me, so, if u lied to me, maybe, i will noe the truth soon, if u dumb me, maybe u will dumbed bc latter. what goes around will comes around, what u gv, u will get bc babeyh, anyhow, i dun care much in what way u will or u had treat me, but act i am not dat fool to believe evrything abt u,,! am sory. . biarlah ap yg kamo rase ttg diri ini, biarlah ap yg nk di kata ttg diri ini, seriously, once u r being my fren, i will treat u nicely, sincerely.. i try my best for u fren,, but plis, i beg u, treat me well then too~

(",) gadis keciwa dan keliru~

see yar,,! winks2^_^

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