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Sunday, February 6, 2011

smpai satu ketika~

sorry. it should not happend.i should understand u.i should respect u. i should tbelieve u.i should calm u.i should noe u. i should hold u tight.i should TRUST u! but i never do those thing! i am sorry. i am fail.
earlier.i tot i did it well. i tot i win. i tot evrythng move pretty. its look ok. its look sgt sgt comel.n i am happy evry sngle second.i never pretend to happy.sure!i never pretend to be happy.
from dat num.! i gv it sncerely.i sncerely wanna noe u.what u like to wear.what u like to eat.what u like to do. i wanna noe evrythng about u. n smpai satu ketika. i love evrythng about u!sorry. from dat num.!i sincerely cares about u.where were well are u.always want u being well.feel great when u r ok.from dat num.!i sincerely want to understand who you are. when u r moody.wht u will be.when u r stress wht kind of action u will do. how u bhave when u r shy:) how u act when u feel mad. how u face ur probs. n evrythg about u i want to deal with it! if less.please understand me then.dun keep it.please:)from dat num.! i slowly gv u my trust. evryday its grown badly! tapi smpai satu ketika~ it fade fer a sudden.sorry.from dat num.! i suddenly fallen fer u! sorry.maybe dis is da meracle. i dun noe why its happend. its just happend!i feel great when its happend.hapend.hapend.hapend!argh!its kindda dream! dis is what i dream fer! falling in love. to love n be loved! i dun noe how far u noe deep u love bad u want me! but to be honest. i am crazy without u!:)

its killing me. i am dizzy to death now.
why should i pretend to treat u kind! why should i pretend i cares about u.why should i pretend i understand u.its all just acting and pretending.sorry.i fail to show da true:)

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