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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i seriously hurted

salam readers..~

infront n behind,,, two diffrent way,,,~ yes..!

a word that make me feel realy realy sad,,.. almost cry for that..

*diana SOMBONG per taik...!*

hahaha~ never tot abt that words,,
sorry beb,,
i tot i treat u well dawh,,
infront me u say tu lah u say ni lah,, dia tu lah dia ni lah,,

but behind me,, *diana tu lah,, diana ni lah,, *
hmmmm :/ what kind of pple is this huh..?

i believe,,,
~what goes around comes around~
thanks for that appreciation..
i will still treat u as before,, u always my frens dear,,,~
p/s: never tot u will behave this way,,

sory readers,, ter emosionaL suda,, haha,, k la,, heavent to u ols,, winks2@@

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